Bob Vinci, The Meditation Man

Bob Vinci

The Meditation Man

Bob Vinci has studied meditation in its many forms for over 30 years. He draws on that vast experience to teach a technique that is deceptively simple, but profound in its impact.

Just one session of his Meditation Man Technique can bring relaxation and a sense of peace and physical well-being, while regular practice multiplies the benefits.

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The Benefits of Meditation

Finding Peace in a Busy World

The Meditation Man Technique instills our higher purpose as spiritual beings by focusing attention to the higher self. Each week, our diverse group experiences an uplifting event; they explore their inner self, the core of being, their very own existence.

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Learning to Meditate Effectively

Control your Breathing; Manage your Thoughts

The Meditation Man Technique uses a combination of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Vendanta to create its non-denominational and non-dogmatic technique.

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