Meditation helped me to concentrate longer and focus exclusively on the task at hand!
Engineer, Pratt & Whitney
I was in deep mourning before I came to meditation. My grief slowly turned to joy and I now look forward to each day.
Lisa M.
Meditation has made me feel that I'm at peace with myself. Thanks to Bob Vinci and his meditation group I know that I can overcome stressful elements in my life.
Bob Redicon
Owner, Robby Dogs
Aside from fulfilling my intention to deepen/heighten my spiritual awareness, meditating regularly has helped me to cope with life's stressors far more effectively than I used to. I now truly "handle" situations that used to cause very potent anxiety, and very well, even when other people are involved. Also, I no longer require anti-depressant medication! Now I can truly relax, anytime and anywhere I wish, quite naturally. Earning this power to have a more enlightened perspective on life and all of it's challenges has been a most wonderful benefit of meditating, and doing so with such a great, supportive group of people has made my practice tremendously enjoyable the entire way! Many thanks to Bob & All!
Jeff M.
A group of meditators who are serious about meditation.
Gary C.
Those who persisted and applied the discipline showed surprising positive change. It is a discipline. I see this as an added benefit, considering what the youth of today face - their need for inner awareness and self discipline.

Mr. Vinci holds my deepest respect and admiration for the time and commitment he puts into his work. He does it with passion. There is no doubt in my mind that he would inspire many students to follow in seeking the inherent rewards: A healthier, more productive quality of life.
Greta Stromberg
Psycho-therapist, Private Practice
Your talk on meditation was one of the better attended seminars. The feedback from those in attendance was tremendously positive.

Your point that meditation is for everyone, and then your effort to actually engage the group in a small meditation session proved your point through that demonstration. Going beyond the mystical to the straight forward practical techniques opened the door to several who expressed skepticism to me but who developed an understanding of how meditation might work for them.
Robert A. Smith
President, CT and Western MA Mensa
Heritage Commons is proud to offer a program that meets residents' emotional, spiritual, and social needs, thanks to The Meditation Man. I hope that you will visit us again and see for yourself the progress our meditation group has made.
Carmela Gagnon
Director of Resident Services