Bob Vinci, The Meditation Man

Bob Vinci

The Meditation Man

Bob Vinci has studied meditation in its many forms for over 30 years. He draws on that vast experience to teach a technique that is deceptively simple, but profound in its impact.

Just one session of his Meditation Man Technique can bring relaxation and a sense of peace and physical well-being, while regular practice multiplies the benefits.

Meditation by the Waterfalls at Star Mills

Once or twice a week they gather, individuals driving in from various parts of the state, each with his or her own needs, looking for a safe, comfortable place to meditate. They include Men and women of various ages, sometimes including teens. Cars are parked at the rear of the mills and folks settle down in comfortable chairs in front of windows looking out on the Star Mills falls. There is a short period wherein each member reacquaints with others in lively conversation. With the window open the sound of tumbling water provides a relaxing background for social meditation.

"The Meditation Man," Bob Vinci meets them at the door and greets each individual who he has known for various lengths of time. Star Mills, by the waterfalls, is a comfortable world, a kind and gentle place that offers each of the meditators friendship and companionship. Bob knows each of them, their histories and personal stories and treats each of them as if they were members of his family, which indeed, in a sense, they are.

The group has maintained a core membership between 10 and 12 people over the years; people come and go and each takes away something that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Tommy, Bob, Jane, Misty, Jenn, Erica, Jessica Ann Marie, Ed, John, are a few of the people who have become serious meditators and are serious about their meditations.

Bob Vinci has been studying the meditation process and various techniques for most of his life. Bob likes to look at the lives and words of some spiritual mentors he has known. One of those mentors, Jesus said, "I am closer than your breath." The process does not depend on faith but on experience gained through mental techniques. This becomes the basis for our understanding of our self, which may be considered the universe that we know and are comfortable with.

"The pathway that I have chosen to follow is that of Pajangles, the father of yoga and meditation; he is an Indian philosopher who organized all the information on meditation and yoga. The sutras are called the powers since they take humans beyond the "daily" range of lifeís experiences. The "powers" are said to give one the ability to fill oneís own desires and to live a successful life."

One starts the meditative process by learning to "listen to" and feel oneís own breathing. The breath is considered the bridge between this world and the universe.

The breath, the lungís vibration, produces a sound which is a vehicle which the mind uses to cross over from the daily world to another sphere of peace and tranquility within our selves. Itís that simple, the "tools of salvation" were given to us as a birthright, the sounds of our breath. As we continue the process our visits to the subconscious sphere become familiar and knowledge is gained and retrieved to the physical world. Correct choices become more clearly defined through the continued practice of meditation. Life becomes more happy and free.

Over the years Iíve watched many folks learn to define their direction in life via the meditative process. Some folks come only once and are not seen again for this may not the right pathway for them, at least as they see it. Others become devout students of the process.

It has been said many times that "nothing is constant except change." But, over the span of an individual, life changes so much that they often become lost in the shifting patterns of civilization. Even the "self" changes considerably over a lifetime and we need some way of "touching base" with that internal self. Meditation is not the only way of doing this but it is simply one technique that works well for some individuals.

There is no magic here but simply one method of learning to know and understand oneís self. For the first time in the history of humankind there is a provable step by step technique to raise the consciousness of humankind and to enable one to live life without suffering.

Our group is always open to new members who are interested in exploring their intellectual and spiritual possibilities. We meet at Star Mills on Beverly Heights in Middletown, Ct. From Main Street in Middletown follow route 66, go 7 traffic lights to left on Boston Road, then second left to Beverly Heights, then between the two mills buildings to the parking space in the rear of the buildings. Look for the Mediation Room sign on the door and enter. Follow signs to the Meditation Room.

If you call and let be known that you are coming either Bob or one of the meditators will meet you at the door.

Group Member Comments

Gary: "Iíve been meditating with this group since 1995. I have meditated in many different places using different methods from using mantras to breathing techniques and I have never found any method that was more effective than the method we use. We simply listen to the sound of our breath and it delivers us to a wonderful world within."

Giuseppi: "Iíve been meditating for about a year and a half. When I first started here I was going through a tough period of stress at home and at work. Work wasnít quite as relaxing as Iíd hoped it might be and I knew I needed something else in my life. I heard about this group from friends and family and was at that point where I needed help with stress and anxiety. Through the weekly sessions I feel like Iíd obtained a great relief; I feel like Iím at a peaceful point; however the main benefit is during the day when I feel like I can handle any stress with a better attitude."

Ed: "I remember George, who was a street guy, by the way, no job, no home who was only able to spend 5 or 10 minutes, concentration on anything including meditation. Over the course of a number of years of being in the group he has progressed to having a stable home, a stable job and has the ability to meditate for much longer times. Now he has a smile very often on his face."

"Hans was a mentally challenged boy who was unable to handle a conversation. Had you known Hans in the beginning you would have seen that he had no attention span at all. After learning to meditate he has been able to hold a permanent job, has a home, a girlfriend who he is planning on marrying, and is able to deal with the death of family members and he now has a stable life."

Marilyn: "I came to this group in April 2007 after taking a meditation course at a local community college. I wanted to learn meditation because I was having struggles in my personal life and at the time was also anxiety ridden. I felt immediately comfortable with this group of meditators. The room that we meditate in is strikingly special with a waterfall just outside the window. The things that I have noticed about myself through meditation are that while Iím in meditation my though process is more creative, less negative, more compassionate and spiritual."

"Since I began meditating I have gained more self awareness. The most powerful illustration that I would like to convey happened the first time I was given sutras - words to use as a focus technique in meditation. The following day while at work I found that surely and profoundly the words I had been given were indeed happening in my life. My present dreams are full of self understanding."

The group meets on Mondays and Thursdays from 7 to 8:30 pm.

Telephone: 860-685-8716


Speaking Engagements

Mensa Regional Seminar, 2003, 2004, 2006 - Guest Speaker
Middletown High School
Middlesex Hospital Alternative High School
World Healing Great Assembly, April 1999 - Hartford, CT

Television and Radio

"The Sebastian Show" - discussion and demonstration on Comcast and Cox Cable
KCLA-FM in Los Angeles - Radio talk-show host "The Meditation Man"


1984 - The Maharishi Award, Chief Minister, Ministry of Celebrations and Fulfillment
1978 - The Maharishi Award, Chief Minister, Ministry of Celebrations and Fulfillment


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