Meditation is a simple process of inner knowledge. The Meditation Man will instruct the student in how to meditate by the technique of "observation of breath". Students need to practice at home to obtain these higher abilities. For those who persist, their lives will change, as the "observation of breath" method is developed. Each student, through conscious decision, will decide the magnitude of improvement, through the time invested and with the practice. The teacher's role is to draw on his training and experience and lead the student through the meditation process.

Our Purpose

The main intention of The Meditation Man's course is to reduce stress and improve the quality of life.

A Brief History

Meditation has been part of the world healing process for 2000 years. In the past 30 years, various techniques have been refined in meditation to complement the pressures of the contemporary lifestyle. Of the various techniques available, the "observation of breath" is the simplest method to achieve meditation, and is the most effective.


Our daily human consciousness is overwhelmed with vast amounts of information and pressure. So many thoughts, so little time. Family and financial issues increase pressures. Our tired mind becomes confused, sleep becomes impossible.

The Ancient Technique of Calming the Mind Through the Breath

What we call meditation is as effective today as it was two thousand years ago. Meditation gives a deep rest for the mind and body, deeper than deep sleep; through rest our mind is able to break the vicious cycle of worry and hopelessness. Issues have not gone away, but our perception will change with meditation. We have more energy; we think more clearly. Somehow, our good luck returns. Life is better. Because we see issues clearly, correct choices become more obvious. These are the instructors' experiences of meditation by the "observation of breath" method.